Servicing end users in financial services where Excel is critical to the business process can be daunting.  IT managers are frequently requested to create timely and accurate reports from spreadsheets that exist on disparate systems and multiple end-user workstations. This process is error prone and labor intensive and can significantly impact revenue if the final reports are inaccurate.

ProViz has eliminated this concern. Our XL Integrated Risk Management™ (XL IRM™) solution is time tested and proven, having been in production at leading asset management finance organizations for over three years.

Our platform dramatically improves customer service levels, reduces operational risk, which can significantly improve the bottom line, and provides a host of additional features that lower costs while providing rapid time-to-market.

Features Benefits
Improve Customer Service Levels
  • Microsoft interfaces for front-end analytics & reporting
  • Business intelligence self-service significantly reduces requests for support.
  • Analytics from multiple sources are consolidated into a single view
Increase Efficiency
  • Provides self-service end-user reporting which reduces reliance on IT
  • Provides a collaboration platform that increases end-user productivity and shortens the decision making process
Reduce End-User Training
  • Provides a familiar end-user tool: Excel
  • No need to train users on a new tool—avoid user objections to new report tools and processes
  • Eliminates end-user acceptance curve
Reduce Operational Costs
  • Automates back-end integration and unification of data different systems
  • Reduces backlog requests for end-user custom reports
Reduce Operational Risk
  • Integrates with existing systems to create an extensible platform
  • Establish one source of the truth for reference and pricing data across asset classes
  • Eliminates errors associated with manual data input
  • Reduce manual processes and labor.
Lower TCO
  • Deployment is extremely cost effective/minimal outlay
  • Platform will scale as the business expands (add new users, new systems)
  • Rapid deployment means faster time-to-market